Golden Gate University

Posted by Brian Roepke on Tue 04 February 2020 Updated on Tue 04 February 2020

Golden Gate University

Today I received a letter stating that I was accepted into a college Bachelors of Science program and Golden Gate University. I've been vigorously studying Data Science over the past year and learning to code in Python. The entire field has fascinated me and of recent, I have wanted to explore getting a degree.

After spending some time trying to see if I could find a Master's level program that would accept me without an undergrad, I decided to bite the bullet the look for an actual Bachelors that would be a jumping point to the Masters program. Golden Gate looked like the best bet.

The program is a Bachelors of Science in Data Analytics. A nice mix of technical and business but overall as a BS degree; something I wanted to ensure that I was doing vs a BA.

Learning Outcomes

According to the website, the following are what students in this degree will learn:

  • Understand and apply the fundamentals of data analytics to real-world business problems.
  • Leverage familiarity with the appropriate use of key analytic languages/methods/tools, including R, Python, SQL, NOSQL, SAS, and Tableau, to address business problems, and be able to articulate the advantages and limitations of each one in a variety of business and organizational contexts.
  • Demonstrate ability to identify, acquire, cleanse and effectively organize data for analysis.
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the utility of data analytics tools using data visualization methods in extracting value from data sets.
  • Recognize the various challenges (social, economic, and political) represented by the Big Data ecosystem and describe the use of supporting technologies to address these challenges.
  • Explain the differences between structured and unstructured data and be able to deploy them appropriately, aligning the use of each with relevant business applications.
  • Describe the different approaches to machine learning and the implications of each one, demonstrating the application of the most common algorithms.
  • Explain the use of Natural Language Processing, identifying and implementing potential applications and appropriate supporting tools.
  • Use storytelling with visual outcomes from analytics to communicate effectively to members of the business community and others, both expert and non-expert, in a variety of settings and formats.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the business implications, relevance and applicability of data analytics and statistical inferences.
  • Identify opportunities, needs and constraints for data analytics within organizational contexts.

About Golden Gate University

The first degree-conferring program of the university started in 1901, with the formation of California's first evening law school. By offering classes at night, Golden Gate made legal studies available to the common person. Four students comprised the law school's first graduating class.

Today, Golden Gate University continues as a pioneer of adult education in business and management, accounting, taxation, and law. As always, GGU emphasizes hands-on learning taught by professionals practicing in the field. Campuses and teaching sites are located in San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley and online through GGU's nationally-acclaimed eLearning programs.

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