Developing on an iPad Pro

Posted by Brian Roepke on Mon 20 January 2020 Updated on Fri 10 September 2021

Amazingly enough you can turn your iPad into a near fully fledge development environment for Python, Jupyter Notebooks, HTML, CSS, and Markdown. Here are the apps to complete the workflow. Make sure to watch the videos below for a preview of how this all works together.

  • Pythonista 3 - Python IDE
  • Working Copy - A powerful Git client
  • Textastic - A multi-purpose text editor with language support
  • Juno - Jupyter Notebook Editor for your iPad, and this is quite amazing. Includes most of the common python packages but also has the ability to install packages as well.
  • IA Writer - This application is a little redundant with Textastic. That works just fine for Markdown, however this is the best Markdown writing app that I’ve seen.

A couple of great videos I used to get this all set up and learn a little more on YouTube by Tech Craft. Here he covers all of the above applications with the exception of IA Writer. That’s my bonus application since I’m using the static web site authoring tool based on Python Pelican

Most of this is made possible since iOS opened up the Files API. Having access to this has brought new amazing integrations and capabilities. You can see the evolution of the iPad becoming a primary computing device and a incredibly powerful machine. Enjoy!

Note: These are all paid, apps. But they are worth it if you want to try something awesome and develop on your iPad

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