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How to Setup a Simple ETL Pipeline with AWS Lambda for Data Science

How to setup a simple ETL pipeline with AWS Lambda that can be triggered via an API Endpoint or Schedule and write the results to an S3...

A Real-World Approach with XGBoost on Marketing Attribution Data

Leverage Lassoo for ML-ready marketing data to predict which users will convert to paid. From feature engineering to model building, and...

5-10x Faster Hyperparameter Tuning with HalvingGridSearch

How to optimize the hyperparameters of a machine learning model and how to speed up the process

2 Beautiful Ways to Visualize PCA

Plus model tuning and evaluation to select the best number of components.

How to Setup AWS EMR and Jupyter Notebooks Without Breaking the Bank

Deploy a Distributed Computing Environment in Minutes with AWS

Don’t Get Caught in the Trap of Imbalanced Data When Building Your ML Model

Utilize These Techniques to Bring Balance and Improve Performance.

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